Risk Management and Internal Audit Solutions

We specialize in delivering comprehensive risk management and internal audit solutions tailored specifically for NGOs and the public sector.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

In today’s rapidly evolving business and political landscape, effective risk management is essential for the survival of any organization. While it’s impossible to eliminate all risks, we can help you keep them under control.
Boards of Directors, donors, regulators, and stakeholders now demand enhanced risk intelligence and reporting. Shareholders are also holding Board Members and management accountable for risk management practices. Our ERM services include:
a) ERM for Not-for-Profit Organizations
b) ERM for Public and Private Sectors
c) Development of ERM frameworks
d) Gap analysis of ERM practices
e) Organizational risk assessments
f) Implementation of ERM frameworks
Our practical solutions are tailored to your specific needs by understanding your industry, strategic objectives, and control environment. We customize interview agendas, survey questions, and frameworks to provide an ERM solution that fits your organization perfectly.
When you partner with us for Enterprise Risk Management, you gain access to our team of experienced professionals who have successfully implemented ERM engagements in numerous institutions. We are supported by industry expertise, technical know-how, and a sophisticated knowledge management system.

Internal Audit Solutions (Outsourcing/Co-sourcing)

Building and maintaining leading internal audit capabilities requires significant investment in resources, training, and infrastructure. We offer a risk-based internal audit methodology that focuses on your objectives and overcoming obstacles.
You have two options for your internal audit function:
1. Full outsourcing: Our team of skilled internal audit professionals will take on the role of your internal audit function entirely.
2. Co-sourcing: We provide specialist services and work alongside your existing internal audit team.
By choosing Abrimo, you can access expertise and experience in internal audit, ensuring robust and efficient processes to safeguard your organization.

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