What we do

At Abrimo Global Consulting, we are committed to partnering effectively with our people, our clients and communities to ensure that our work advances the broader good for our society. We invest significant time and effort in developing and renewing a knowledge base that offers unique perspectives and insights to our clients. Our consultants draw upon years of direct and hands- on experience and knowledge to ensure our clients’ success.

Our Consultants have worked in a variety of contexts, carrying out strategic and operational reviews and evaluations of organizations and their programs. Our Consultants will work with your organization directly on-site to develop simple, but cutting-edge tools to improve your management and service delivery.

We acknowledge and understand that passion coupled with human potential, and hard work, is the driving force that allows organizations to flourish. However, most organizations stagnate or even die because of lacking technical skills. It is often times hard to overcome these challenges because solutions are simple yet not always easy to see from within and too difficult to implement in existing structures, with limited resources.

We provide the following services:


  • Statutory and Donor Compliance
  • Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Systems Analysis, Reviews and Changeover
  • Organizational Capacity Assessments

Organizational Development 

  • Financial and Operations Management
  • Organizational Policy Reviews and Development
  • Human Capital Development and Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Procurement Planning and Logistics Management
  • Project Proposals and Financial Forecasting

Designing projects to achieve fund raising and optimum fund utilization is a challenging and important task for every organization. Our professionals will deliver need based services like preparing the complete project proposal and budgets for you.

Training of staff and partners not only improve resource utilization but also helps improve efficacy, retention and sustainability in the long run. We are equipped to provide you with customized training modules that suit your organization on an on-going basis.

Abrimo Global Consulting has a dedicated team of facilitators with experience in delivering practical trainings on financial management, and compliance for major donors like USAID, EC, and DFID among others. We also conduct trainings on implementation of Cash based responses in hostile environments.

We are experts in delivering the following trainings:

  • Financial Management
  • Donor Compliance
  • Cash Based Responses
  • Procurement Planning and Logistics Management
  • Human Resources Planning and Management
  • Fraud and Internal Controls for Ngos, MFI's etc.
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management

Managing risk is critical to the survival of any institution. Risk is a fact of life. The truth is, you cannot always avoid risk altogether; but you can keep it under control. In the business and political landscape in Kenya today, risks are proliferating. We are seeing the agendas of the Boards of Directors in government, the wider public sector as well as the private sector changing. Board members, members of Different County Assemblies, County Governors, regulators as well as other stakeholders are becoming more risk-savvy and demanding improved risk intelligence and reporting. In addition, recent trends indicate that shareholders in Kenya intend to hold Board Members as well as management in all organisations where they have an interest more accountable.

Our specific service offerings Include:

  • Internal Audit strategic sourcing (Outsourcing/ Co-sourcing)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
    • ERM for government
    • ERM for Insurance
    • Development of ERM frameworks
    • Gap analysis of ERM practices
    • Organizational risk assessments
    • Implementation of ERM frameworks

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

You need to understand how risks and controls influence decisions and operations at the within you organisation. For the public sector for example, Treasury has released Treasury Circular no. 3/2009 Development and implementation of institutional risk management policy framework (IRMPF) in the public sector. This document among other things is designed to provide a robust methodology for developing and implementing a risk management framework in the public sector.

We have designed an Enterprise Risk Management methodology geared specifically at government as well as private entities. Our Enterprise Risk Management methodology takes a structured, holistic approach to managing the uncertainties and unique challenges that organisations in Kenya face. It relies on the creation of robust internal mechanisms for gathering, analysing, monitoring and understanding the relevant information.

Furthermore our team of experienced ERM practitioners has members who have spent most of their professional lives working with other organizations like you helping them navigate the risk landscape that includes compliance, controls and process improvement.

When we roll out Enterprise Risk Management for you, you will realize that through us, you will access a core team of Enterprise Risk Management professionals who have implemented Enterprise Risk Management engagements in more than 10 other institutions and are supported by appropriate industry, technical as well as a sophisticated knowledge management system.

 Internal Audit Services

As your organization operates, you will find that you require an internal audit function to:

  • Maintain appropriate vigilance over financial processes and controls.
  • Broaden risk coverage (i.e., strategic, operational, compliance, regulatory) to align the internal audit mission with the county’s strategic priorities.
  • Identify new, emerging risks that threaten the reputation of the institution, including risks associated with lack of accountability.
  • Contribute to cost management efforts by identifying process improvement, cost recovery and efficiency opportunities.
  • Coordinate with other risk management functions to avoid duplication of effort and gaps.

Achieving leading internal audit capabilities requires significant investment in skilled resources, methods, training, career paths, and technical infrastructure. Maintaining those capabilities requires sustained investment during both good and challenging economic times. As both a critical business operation and a function often perceived as a cost center, Internal Audit can be a prime candidate for strategic sourcing. 

We have developed an internal audit methodology for use with our clients. It is a risk-based approach that focuses on clients' objectives and impediments to achieving those objectives. Sourcing the Internal Audit function takes on a variety of forms, each presenting its own degree of "ownership" and mix of fixed and variable costs. You may choose either to:

  • Fully outsource your internal audit function whereby our team of internal audit professionals will take on the role of your internal audit function; or
  • Co-source your internal audit function whereby we will be there to provide you with specialist services as well as work alongside your existing internal audit team.

Entrepreneurial Support Services

Turning a great idea into a viable business is not an easy task. You should put the critical building blocks in place to help you grow faster and smarter. This requires sound guidance, good investment planning and management of talent. We can assist you as you navigate the aforementioned challenges by helping with the following:

  • Registration of legal entities;
  • Investment planning;
  • Tax Planning; among others.

Abrimo Global Consulting manages each consultancy assignment internally, making our significant experience accessible throughout the assignment. All assignments are quality assured through an ongoing process of peer review.





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